My Love for Crates

Hello Fellow Decor Enthusiasts,

Starting a home decor blog has been a long time in-the-pipeline dream for me and I’m super excited I am finally taking the leap today. What changed you ask? These little friends of mine (crates!!!)

I was introduced to these beauties when they were being carried by an old lady in a tiny street in Bangalore. We stopped and asked her where she found it and while she was reluctant to give out the source, she quickly offered to sell it to us. I jumped at the opportunity and brought one home. For months after that, I kept wanting to explore that area for more crates. So one day we made rounds and stumbled across a fruit shop with a few crates thrown around. It was like I struck gold!!! I bought all the crates we could fit into my tiny Santro Xing and came home feeling like a star! Over the next few weeks, I found a home for all of my 9 crates (much to my husband’s surprise) and was left wanting for more.

It’s been a year since, and my search has been fruitless 🙁

Over time, I experienced how delicate, and flimsy the fruit crates were and after hearing from all fruit stalls that now plastics crates have replaced the wooden ones, I took it upon myself to get them made. Aaaaaand, here’s my first sample!!

Being able to source good quality, sturdy crates and customize their sizes and color has opened up limitless opportunities. I’m super excited and wanted a way to share all of this- and that’s the final push I needed! 

That’s my long introductory story and thank you for bearing with me 🙂 Now let’s get down to business!

Why Crates

Apart from how obviously pretty they look, I have a few reasons why I use crates around my home.

Crates are very versatile. I use them as book stands, shelves, plant holders, prop it up to give my layout some height, use it for storage inside wardrobes, plant holders, grocery bins in the car or just like catch-alls around the house.

How I’ve used them around

Plant Stand

It serves as a very versatile plant stand. Adds height where ever needed and can be arranged easily


Crates are very versatile and can be used as a part of any decor scape. Crates don’t grab a lot of attention away and yet add character to your space

Shelf for Decor

Crates can be used to hold up your books, curios and more!

Shelving System

I’ve used 3 crates here to set up a little dreamy nook for myself. Crates can be arranged in any way to build up a shelf- horizontal or vertical!

I also use pallets around the house as a small table, inside wardrobe storage, laundry bin, and just random catch-all cubby!

How to order

If you would also like to welcome these crates to your home, we would be happy to make it for you. We are based in Bangalore. Our crates are made of good quality, sturdy pine wood. Our crates are modular in nature (which means you can dismantle and store them when not in use)

The approximate dimensions of the crates are- Length- 22 inches, depth- 10 inches and width is 11 inches. Sizes can be customized if you order more than 2 crates.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us on +91 8217454529 or drop in a mail on

If you’re in Bangalore, you can visit our manufacturing facility in Kudlu by prior appointment. Find us here

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    This is an insightful article

    1. Shefali Pandey says: Reply

      Thank you, So glad you found it so!

  2. Mystic traveller says: Reply

    Loved the flow of writing, felt as if I was living it. Way to go!!

    1. Shefali Pandey says: Reply

      Thank you so much for leaving such an encouraging comment 🙂

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