• To increase longevity of Raw or Sanded products and protect them from environmental damage, please coat them with varnish. The process can be repeated regularly if any wear and tear in polish is noticed
  • Pallets for seating are only to be used with a mattress to help distribute weight.
  • In case you experience slip in the mattress , you can use an anti slip underlay which can be bought online
  • Since we use natural wood, due to environmental changes (temperature, moisture), the wood may develop cracks. This won’t affect the strength of the pallet since we factor this in during manufacturing.
  • Avoid Exposure to direct sunlight and water as it may cause fading or darkening of wood. All types of cleaning should be done with dry/damp cloth only.
  • Using placemats, hot pads and coasters under the burning candles, plates, serving dishes and beverages respectively can prevent stains and other damages.