Converting balconies into outdoor spaces – Decor Tips

Balconies are the best place for apartment dwellers to get some sun, fresh air and connect with nature. But they are often neglected in our houses and we end up using them as a storage space or even a dump yard! Imagine reclaiming that extra 30sqft of expensive urban real estate and putting it to use.

Do read my previous post on design tips before you move on to decorating your space. Once you have the basic elements of how to design laid down, here are the basic elements you will need to create that perfect space!

SeatingThe best way to enjoy the breeze and the view is while sitting with a cuppa. Two most important things to keep in mind while Picking balcony seating are for it to be

  1. Weather-Resistant– Since most wood can be damaged by continuous exposure to sun and rain, coat your furniture with melamine whenever it starts to wear off.

2. Easy to move– Keep the furniture easy to move so the balcony can be cleaned thoroughly when needed. You can opt-in for space-saving furniture which can fold up when not in use or versatile furniture which can be used back inside the home when not in use outside.

Plants: Now’s the time to let your inner plant parent shine and start your plant collection. If you don’t have space for a full-blown rooftop garden, your balcony is a great alternative. If you have limited space, use a vertical display like the shelf I have used here. Or hang up planters on your railing or from the wall. Keep in mind the amount of sunlight that your balcony receives. If you get ample sunlight, load it up with flowery plants which will also colour up your balcony. If there is no direct sunlight, look for greens that thrive in diffused lighting conditions. Similarly, you must also account for the wind in your balcony. Especially in higher floors where  it is mostly windy, look for wind hardy plants and keep misting them regularly so that they do not lose moisture

Decor: Since balcony spaces are usually small, use up your wall space for decor. Add decorative mirrors or wall art. You can also use decorative stands to store or display souvenirs. To add glamour to your balcony when the sun goes down, wrap some string lights around the railing. Line up some large candles to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. Candles are best and safe when kept inside a candle holder or opt-in for candles in a jar.

Here are some tips for maintaining your balcony

  1. Use washable furnishing
  2. Add furniture that can be moved easily to clean
  3. Dust regularly so it doesn’t build up over time 
  4. Use blinds if possible to reduce the dust and rain. You can opt-in for natural material blinds or room dividers

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