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Hello Fellow Decor Enthusiasts, I’m back with my take on another popular furniture trend- Pallet Furniture! Before I start, let me tell you, It’s refreshing to see people using more sustainable forms of decor and furniture in their homes. I personally am a big advocate of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. The Pallet is a super versatile piece that can be built up and torn down according to your needs. I have been fascinated by pallet furniture even before I knew what it was called. This versatile and easily movable piece of furniture has my heart for the longest. But it was only when I got home my first crate, the endless possibilities of pallet furniture truly opened up! So without further ado, let me introduce you to one of my favourites decor objects of all time- Pallet Inspired Furniture!

Pallet Furniture is very popular abroad where it’s usually DIY ed using actual Pallets. A pallet is a flat, raised platform made of wooden strips and blocks. They are most commonly used in shipping heavy products. But as people abroad usually own a few woodworking tools or a workshop station, they usually transform these pallets into endless objects of decor and pieces of furniture.

My challenge with finding pallets that I could reuse was the lack of proper markings. Markings on pallet give us insights into the origin, how its made and more. The pallets I saw were usually quite soiled, stained and weak to say the least. And because they are usually left outdoors even during rains, usually infested with rats, I couldn’t bring up myself to bring it into my house. A lot of times these pallets are also chemically treated to ward of attacks by pests/insects and this can be very dangerous to our health. Read more about pallet markings, how to read them and the dangers of reused pallets in a site I found very insightful. Find it here

Markings on pallets are super important.
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Even when I found a nice pallet with markings and from a reliable source, the hours of labour involved in making them look decent and resizing, ended up making it more expensive than getting a new one made.

To understand pallets better and overcome these hurdles, I met with timber people, read a few books and a lot of articles on pallet furniture. After gaining a fair amount of knowlegde we figured the most sustainable and cost-effective way would be to start manufacturing our own Pallets. Our furniture is Pallet inspired and we make from scratch using fresh and clean wood which we source directly. This not only makes them look good but also gives them strength and a long life! Win-Win if you ask me! We still source good quality recycled and try to use it wherever we can, but not in pallet planks

Here are a few ways in which I have used pallet furniture around my house. Some are here, many more in the pipeline.


Low Seating

My most popular project so far has been the low seating made out of two pallets. It is so easy to move around and put back together- this is useful especially when balconies are also used as a utility space. Put together the set up when you want to chill and keep it away when you need the space for something else.

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Coffee Table/ Floor Table

This is one of my personal favorites. Our previous rental home had limited space and as our sofa opened up to become a day-bed, we couldn’t afford to have a proper coffee table due to space constraints.

We looked around a lot for a table that could also serve some other purpose when the day bed was open. After a fair bit of searching, the idea of a pallet coffee table came to our mind. A pallet coffee table is made out of pallets stacked on top of each other.3 can be used when you need a coffee table and 2 when you need a floor table (I’m talking game nights!)

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We got a mattress made for this so that it can also be turned into additional high or low seating when we host. 1 pallet is a low seat and 2 pallets can become an ottoman. This came in very handy because we did not want to store extra chairs at home. (we don’t use plastic much, so stackable plastic chairs was a no go for us). Plus the freedom of changing the cover of the mattress to match the decor or theme is such a big plus!

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When we have more guests over, we use these pallets as low beds and set them up in our 3rd room (which is our home office and craft studio). I can’t tell you how many compliments we have got for this idea. It usually happens that they fight over who gets the pallet bed as no one wants the regular guest bed after seeing this

How to Order

Our pallets are usually of the following size as it was found the most ideal. You can buy them here

Length- 2.5 feet, Breadth- 2 feet, Height- 8 inches. But the sizes can be custom made to suit your requirements!

You can place an order of the above size or send us your measurements. We can also make different furniture out of pallets (not just pallet stackables) like a tv unit, sofa, bed and more. 

We do door delivery in Bangalore and ship all over India. Delivery/Shipping costs is extra as per actuals.

11 thoughts on “Its all about the Pallet

  1. Harshita says:

    Do you ship the pallet bed in Bangalore?
    Please share the price. Is it possible to get the pallet bed size: 6feetx4feet

    1. Shefali Pandey says:

      Hi Harshita. Yes, we do make pallet beds in Bangalore. Get in touch with us on or on our Insta handle and we would be happy to help you 🙂

      1. Mariya Naseem says:

        May I know the cost of pallet bed for your default size pallet, 2.5 by 2ft. We are from kerala. Do you ship to Kerala?

    2. Neeti says:

      Hi are these pallet beds strong enough for daily use ?

  2. Deepthi says:

    What wood are the pallets made of?

    1. Shefali Pandey says:

      Hi Deepthi. Our pallets are made of pinewood

  3. Shivani mishra says:

    I need a coffee table. What cost will it be??

    1. Maya Ganesh says:

      We have recently ordered king size Pallet bed from Go Boho. Though it was not delivered on the committed date due to 2nd wave and strict lockdown, we need not had to wait for too long. The finish and workmanship is excellent and we could get exactly what was committed. The quality is certainly worth the money. Looking for the next opportunity. ❤

  4. Hansu says:

    What’s the size of the pallet?

    1. Hansu says:

      Sorry, I just saw that the size was mentioned in the post

  5. Kirti says:

    What is the cost of one pallete?.

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