Different Pallet variants explained!

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In this blog, I’ll cover the details and differences between the 3 different pallet finishes we offer. Incase you’re new to the pallet world, I suggest you go through my previous blog about Pallets which I’ve linked here. To know how our pallets can be used in many different ways, you can go through the two videos below

If you know about our pallets and its uses and are confused about its finishes, you’ve come to the right place! Lets dive right into it

We offer 3 finishes in pallets-Raw, Clear Polished or Natural polished (also referred to as polished)and Walnut polished

Before we of over the differences, let’s look at the similarities between this these variants.

1. All of these are made of the same high-quality pinewood.

2. All variants are structurally the same, made with same high manufacturing standards.

3. Same size and built.

Where they differ is the final finishing step.

In Raw, we do not polish the wood after the pallet is made. That means, the wood is slightly rough to touch and may have splinters. We do give it slight sanding to reduce the roughness, but the end product still has the look and feel unpolished piece of wood. Ideally, a Raw pallet should be DIY polished/painted to increase its life and protect it from environmental damage but that’s not a mandate. You can use a raw pallet as-is. Raw pallets are perfect if you’re on a budget or would like to DIY polish or paint it. We do not recommend raw pallets if you have kids at home as the rough wood could hurt them.

Raw Pallet Sample. Rough wood to touch, matte surface visually

Clear Polished Pallets or Polished Pallets are polished to perfection just like any other piece furniture in of your home. This pallet goes through many steps of sanding and sealing before going in for polishing. This gives the pallets a smooth look and feel. The polish also protects the pallet from environmental factors such as moisture, dust and occasional spills of water. Polished pallets are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. If the pallets are in a space that exposes them to harsh sun, we recommend you check for wear and tear and get it repolished if needed. Polished pallets are easy to clean, and are our best sellers.


Polished Pallet Sample. Smooth to touch. Visually glossy/satin surface

The last variant is the Walnut polished pallet. Here the wood is stained with walnut coloured stain to give it that dark brown colour. The touch and feel of this pallet is the same smooth finish as that of a polished pallet, only the colour differs. You can go in for this variant if the other furniture you have in your space is of a darker shade or if you have a preference for darker furniture.

Walnut Pallet Sample. Dark brown colour. Smooth to touch. Visually glossy/satin surface

Regardless of which variant you choose, you can rest assured about the quality of the product. For more details such as size, price of each variant and shipping timeline, please check out the product page here