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I’d like to introduce you to another love of mine- Decoupage. I have been practising this art for over a decade and have been conducting workshops since 2013. Although most of my knowledge comes from practice, I have also undergone formal coaching for decoupage in India and the US. I’ve been featured in articles in newspapers and magazines like Femina for my art and classes.

Decoupage is a form of art where mundane everyday things are turned into objects of beauties using paper and glue. Learning decoupage doesn’t need any prior experience with art and is easy to learn. You can upcycle anything at home from a box, tray to even empty bottles and jars!

I use my decoupage products extensively in my home decor since I can custom make it as per my liking and without having to spend! So I’ve made storage boxes for knick-knacks, coasters, trays as catch-alls and for serving, jars to propagate my greens in or as tea light votives and so much more. the possibilities are practically endless!

If this excites you, read on to know more about my decoupage workshops

I conduct both online and offline classes. I’ll start with the basic outline of my workshops and the talk about the place

All my classes start with teaching the basics of decoupage. Whether you are totally new to this or have some prior experience, I believe a good foundation is of utmost importance. So no matter what product you choose, be rest assured, you’ll learn from basic to the advance of it! Since this isn’t my main profession, I don’t hold any tips or information back. So all my years of experience will all be passed on!

Here’s a list of Products you can pick from. I’ve added some reference images of my creations to give you an idea.


Bottles and Jars

Set of Coasters



Other Products

How to Learn

I conduct both online and offline classes. For those interested in offline classes. I’m located in Kudlu-Bangalore and prefer taking weekend classes. FOr online class, I can courier over the kit or send you a list of supplies and you can source them locally. Personally, I would suggest you look for supplies locally so that you can sustain making this in the long term!

How to book

If you’re ready to create awesome DIY things or even sell these beauties, DM me here >
You can also mail me on
Please share with me the list of products you’re interested in learning and we can book a suitable time!

Few Workshop Images and my Students’ Creations

That’s all folks! Hope to see you soon 🙂

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  1. Minal Rajendra Karnik says:

    My name is Minal and would love to learn this decoupage art. please share the details of workshop, duration, fees etc.

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