Decoding My Boho Balcony

Hello, Fellow Decor Enthusiasts!

Today I’d like to talk about one of my most loved looks- my Boho Balcony! I grew up in a villa and my home sat right in the middle of a garden which my Dadi curated so lovingly. Our family spent a lot of our mornings and evenings in our verandah which overlooked the garden, sipping on a hot beverage and enjoying snacks. Thus, I grew up very connected to nature.

After moving to small apartments of Bangalore, the balcony was my only way to remain connected to nature outside. And that’s where my love for balconies stemmed from.

Our old apartment was on the ground floor and had a very spacious balcony. We used half for recreational purposes and the other half for utility. We had trees outside which we could touch, hear the sound of rain, the smell of earth. But my favourite of all was falling asleep to the sounds of crickets and waking up to the chirping of birds. Let me tell you, not all was rosy. We suffered badly from lack of sunlight and fresh flowing air (buildings around blocked all our sunlight) But the biggest disadvantage was not being able to have any plants of my own. All my little greens were grown indoors using a full spectrum bulb (it imitates sunlight), but not to much affect.

To give you a visual, here’s a sneak peek into our old rental apartment’s balcony.

You can notice I’ve used pallets and crates extensively in my decor. They are super versatile and easy to move/ rearrange. You can find my detailed post on crates here and on pallet furniture here

Now coming to our current living situation. Our new rental apartment is on the 7th floor and the view is oh so beautiful! Waking up to the warm sun rays that travel across our house starts our day feeling blessed! Both our balconies are east facing and that was one of the major reasons we took up this place. Now coming to the biggest advantage- plants! Our plants not only survive but thrive in our new place. And that’s how my boho balcony came to be.

Here’s how our new rental apartment’s main balcony looks like now

It’s still a work-in-progress like always is the case with any decor enthusiast but here’s what I’ve used to achieve this look

  1. Pallets- We manufacture pallet furniture. You can know more about it in my detailed blog post here
  2. Plant Ladder stand. Got this plant ladder stand custom made for my balcony. You can get in touch with me to place an order. The approximate measurements for it are 60 inches tall, depth of 10 inches and width of 19 inches. These measurements are approximate and there can be a slight variation. The stand has a coat of melamine and can withstand water if wiped soon. I wouldn’t suggest keeping water stagnated on it. The price for the shelf is 5500 inclusive of delivery.
  3. The curtains are from Ikea.
  4. Planters, Rugs, and Lights are collected over the years- they are from Homestop, Target, Amazon, Ikea, Bali, Bhutan and Bangalore street shops. Leave a comment below if something interests you in particular.
  5. Cushion covers are from Westside and Homestop

A lot of Instagram followers and people who visit my home ask me how I maintain all this in the dusty Bangalore environment. To keep my fabrics looking new, I take my soft furnishings back in when I expect it to rain. I also maintain a look with minimal furnishing (pallet and mattress with an outdoor cushion or two) & a lot of plants. What’s seen in the picture is my balcony in full glory. This look is reserved for weekends and special occasions. I also hunt for furnishings that can be easily washed and cleaned as I’m obsessive about cleanliness.

Here are a few things I kept in mind which may help you as well!

  1. I keep all flowering plants on the top shelves so they get enough sun. Foliage plants were kept in the subsequent shelves.
  2. I’ve used a drain plate (transparent lids of takeaway plastic boxes we get home) for all pots to avoid water stagnation on my shelf.
  3. While decorating, I avoid using an open flame (yes there’s one open pillar candle here, but that was kept only to brighten up a dark spot). I usually use this covered candle stand from Ikea to avoid any fire hazard.
  4. Copper string lights- they are water-resistant and don’t heat up. They also are touch-friendly and won’t give you a shock.
  5. Using plenty rugs and cushions- they add coziness to any spot and create an instant welcoming vibe!

If there’s something I’ve missed out on, please ask me in comments and I’d love to answer it for you 🙂

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